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Happy Father’s Day.

Hi, nothing to post for today or rather, don’t want to post today as it’s Father’s Day. If you’re reading this blog now, stop reading and go spend more quality time with your family. Wishing all dad’s a Happy Father’s Day.

I’ll see you again soon. Bye~

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Periodic Review: Keisuke Tori King

When it’s time for lunch, the stomach will automatically growl for food. Decided to try to visit another Keisuke outlet for lunch today. Wanted to go to Tendon Itsuki for Lunch but I reached there late. (They closed at 2.30p.m for afternoon break) so I decided to go to Tori King instead (They close at 3p.m for afternoon) break. It’s abit of rush since I reach around 2.40p.m( I didn’t want to squeeze with the lunch crowd so I came out quite late)

It’s not the first time I’m here so I’ll skip the interior/exterior photos (You can always ask Google Sensei).

What makes Tori King special it’s one of the few outlet that does not deal with Tonkotsu soup base (except Lobster King and Kani King).

I had this waiter to take order of Tori King Ramen.

Welcome, let please me know when you are ready to order.

As there isn’t much people after the lunch rush. It came fairly quick.

Tori King Ramen, who doesn’t like drumstick? 🙂

That gooey yokey egg always makes me happy and I’m already drooling after seeing the drumstick. No more time for pictures. Gotta tuck in.

The smell of the fried shallots, the chicken base soup and chicken oil is simply irresistible. I used to dislike chicken based ramen until I have tried this and this flavour has not changed although I think the last time I eat this the drumstick meat is more tender. Not really noticeable but I’m just picky.

The tea craving kick in again after lunch so went to Starbucks and grab their limited menu of Matcha Frappucino with Earl Grey Jelly.

Matcha Frappecino with Earl Grey Jelly.

The drink wasn’t so bad but if Starbucks can cut down on the sweetness it would have been better. The Earl Grey Jelly taste like coffee jelly though. Still prefer my cup of Hokkaido Azuki Cream Matcha from yesterday, not to mention it’s cheaper too.

Had my fill, gotta go. Jyaa~

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It’s all sweet tooth’s fault

Singapore is really a food paradise. You can find food almost everywhere and most less than a 1km away from each other. You’ll almost never run out of anything to eat. Which brings us problems such as obesity, diabetes and other slow killer disease. It also brings us this problem which I fear the most, going to the dental clinic.

Self-confession, I’m quite a glutton myself and I can go on eating and eating. A visit to the dental clinic confirms my worse fear. I have a few tooth that needs to be extracted, including my wisdom tooth. Fortunately, they ain’t going to take them all out in one day but I still have to extract one this visit.


I tremble when I see this

The extraction is quite painless due to anaesthesia around the tooth area, however my speech feels slow after that as the numbness effect kicks in.

Feeling peckish, I head down to Bugis+ hoping to grab a bite. Glancing through Uniqlo, it seems like they are selling the Nintendo UTGP now. Some of these looks so cute that you just can resist getting them

Can I have this wallpaper for my home please?

How I wish to eat some of my comfort food but was told by the dentist earlier to avoid hot food for the day, I don’t have much choice in food since most meals are hot. Just grab some bread and cakes and a cup of Starbucks Coffee and head home. Eating sweets after a tooth extraction seems conflicting but what choice do I have. Blame my sweet tooth (^_^;).

Cheesecake and Black Forest. I prefer Four Leaves cakes to Starbuck’s. They’re cheaper too.

Going to the dentist mentally drains me. I’ll be back here when my tooth feels better. Bye bye!(*>_<*)ノ