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Ikea Shopping and Sushi Express

Yawns, so sleepy as it’s another holiday. Went to IKEA as some of the furnitures and fixtures are of age and needs to be replace so we went there to shop and get some idea what to replace.

Daddy, This bed very nice. Buy for me to sleep?
Buy this cupboard also, I can do some gym workout also

After shopping for a few hours, we got tired and we went for late lunch

Daddy, I hungry already. Can we go find some food?

We had our lunch at Sushi Express at Tampines One as we are quite tired and don’t really want to wait. Eating conveyor sushi means that you can start eating immediately as soon as you enter.

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: My friends!! T_T

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!

Tako: Don’t try to feed me. I don’t want to eat my friend

Cheap sushi, still passable. Nothing much to expect and rave about since it’s only $1.50 a plate. However there doesn’t seems to be much selection for the date and the sashimi is replenished very slowly. Not exactly happy to eat there, just to fill the stomach.

Time to go home and get the measurements done so that can go buy the fixtures and furnitures next time. Have a good evening and see ya 🙂