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Ikea Shopping and Sushi Express

Yawns, so sleepy as it’s another holiday. Went to IKEA as some of the furnitures and fixtures are of age and needs to be replace so we went there to shop and get some idea what to replace.

Daddy, This bed very nice. Buy for me to sleep?
Buy this cupboard also, I can do some gym workout also

After shopping for a few hours, we got tired and we went for late lunch

Daddy, I hungry already. Can we go find some food?

We had our lunch at Sushi Express at Tampines One as we are quite tired and don’t really want to wait. Eating conveyor sushi means that you can start eating immediately as soon as you enter.

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: My friends!! T_T

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!

Tako: Don’t try to feed me. I don’t want to eat my friend

Cheap sushi, still passable. Nothing much to expect and rave about since it’s only $1.50 a plate. However there doesn’t seems to be much selection for the date and the sashimi is replenished very slowly. Not exactly happy to eat there, just to fill the stomach.

Time to go home and get the measurements done so that can go buy the fixtures and furnitures next time. Have a good evening and see ya 🙂

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Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei

Good day, Happy Eid Mubarak to the muslim friends.

Feel like eating some hamburg steak today. Hamburg steak is another dish in Japan which has foreign origin and yet beloved by many. Almost all moms knows how to cook this cause childrens like to eat it. In this restaurant as titled or wish I call Keisuke Hamburg steak,  prime US beef patties is served sizzling on hotplates and they have two choices : Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Set or Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set. 

 Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set
Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set

Definitely recommend ordering the triple cheese prime beef hamburg set, just looking at the cheese oozing out makes me very happy 😀 They have 4 different type of sauce to go with. The Keisuke original sauce (Soy based), Oroshi Ponzu sauce, Demi-glace and Teriyaki Mayonnaise sauce. The patty is very tender and juicy and the aburaage (Fried beancurd) has a slight roasted taste. let it absorb the sauce and juice from the patty and it’ll taste even better. The ebi fry is also very crispy and fresh.

Even though the set is very balanced and delicious, I think the main draw here is the salad corner and egg station, especially the egg station.

The egg station makes me happy like a humpty dumpty

The salad corner has a variety of 20 items spread of osozai (Japanese side dishes), ladies should like it alot but sorry, I’m not a fan of vegetables. The egg station is what attracts me. You can have onsen egg, scrambled eggs, sunny-side up, tamago-yaki and omelette all at the egg station. If the egg you wanted is not on display you can always order it from there. Best of all it’s free-flow. No limits, just happy eating.

Scrambled eggs and tamago-yaki
Omelette on demand.

All that eating is making me sleepy, the blood from the brain is moving to help digestion. If you’re going to eat here, I’ll suggest avoid the weekends or be early. The queue is horribly long.

Good night, see you again soon.

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Keisuke Gyoza King

Good day everyone. Today I’m going eat some rice and gyoza. Too much noodles these days so got to balance it back. Although Gyoza (or Jiaozi) are invented in China, they are really popular comfort food in Japan and you can see them almost everywhere whether it’s chinese restaurant or ramen joints or izakayas.

So how can Keisuke, a famous ramen joint not sell any gyoza? In fact they open a store specially selling gyoza sets which is the Keisuke Gyoza King.

They sell 3 types of Gyoza, which are filled with their ramen broth —

Tonkotsu King Gyoza (Pork with Tonkotsu broth)
Tori King Gyoza (Chicken with Tori King Ramen broth)
Keisuke Gyoza (Prawn & chicken with Crab ramen broth)

Keisuke Gyoza (Prawn & chicken with Crab ramen broth)

I ordered their Gyoza Kaiseki ($13.90), a set meal that comes with 2 side dishes (of the eight choices), soup & premium Koshihikari rice (one of the most expensive in Japan). And the marinated bean sprout & pickles are served free. Of course, I picked the Keisuke Gyoza as above. The gyozas were juicy and you can clearly taste the prawn and the chicken. Better than the ones I eat at Osaka Ohsho in Singapore (Japan ones is another story then)

The 8 types of side dish as below:

  • Chicken Nanban with Tartar sauce
  • Deep fried chicken with spicy sauce & mixed sesame
  • Stir fried egg with Chinese chives
  • Stir fried eggplant (brinjal) with MISO
  • Deep fried prawn with mayonnaise sauce
  • Deep fried white fish in tempura sauce
  • Pork SUKIYAKI with a raw egg
  • Spinach with soya sauce & bonito flakes


Deep fried prawn with Mayonnaise
Chicken Nanban with Tartar sauce

The side dishes were ok, not fantastic but not bad either. I like that you can choose how much rice you want. You can have a small bowl or extra large bowl of rice at no extra cost. And they have free-flow of raw eggs which you can make TKG (Tamago-kake Gohan) TKG is cracking a raw egg on top of the hot rice and mixing it, one of the many ways Japanese likes to eat their rice (Ask Google sensei if you need a picture of that)

It’s quite a value for money and if you have friends to join you, you can order different sets and side dishes to mix around. It’ll be an enjoyable meal.

I need to go do some window shopping to burn off the calories. See ya!

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Periodic Review: Tendon Ginza Itsuki

Hi hi~(^o^)/

People always say Jiak Ba Bo Si Zo (Eat too full nothing better to do). So what do we need to do when we are not full? Go Jiak ba ba of course!.

Of the most filling foodstuffs, rice has got to be the main food for us Asian. There is this saying 没吃到饭好像吃不饱 (Didn’t eat rice like won’t feel full) This shows how important rice is in the food of Asians.

So, we are going to eat some Japanese rice today, specifically Tendon.

Tendon is often regarded as delightful one-bowl soul food meals for many Japanese around the world especially during summer. Ramen. Keisuke is one of the first to bring in affordable and delicious Tendon in Singapore. The restaurant is launched in collaboration with the Ginza Itsuki Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. It is opened since July 2015. I remember it being one of the best Tendon I have ever tasted. Does the taste still hold? Time for a periodic review.

As usual the queue is horribly long all day. You’ll be best to come 11.20 a.m or 5.20p.m before the shop opens to beat the queue or prepare to wait.

Tendon Ginza Itsuki only serves 2 items in it’s menu. The vegetable tendon set or special tendon set. I ordered the special set because I’m not really a big fan of vegetables.

Chawamushi is served by this waiter.

They’ll serve the Chawamushi first, quite the standard stuff with bits of seaweed on top, 1 mushroom slice, a bit of chicken and shrimp and gingko inside. It doesn’t takes more than 1 minute to finish this.


Special Tendon.

I’m quite disappointed when I see this. Just look at the prawn and all the sauce. The way the prawn bends already tells me that this is oily and soggy. True enough, only the vegetable is still slightly crunchy (In the past it’s definitely better). The rest is a soggy mess. There’s supposed to be a deep-fried poached egg inside but I accidentally poked it. Well, at least there’s still miso soup to get rid of the oily taste. It’s still quite a value for money meal considering the amount of serving and ingredients but the standard have definitely dropped alot. I won’t queue that long just to eat this though but if you are hungry and there’s no queue. Why not?

Now I’ve eaten. It’s really jiak ba bo si zo time. Got to take my beauty nap. Bye~