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Periodic Review: Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

Thank god for a cooling day. Had a nice sleep till the late morning. Finally down to the last mark of my Keisuke ramen challenge so I visit the Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo. To be honest, this is also one of the less favourite outlet of their’s in my list. The last time I tried the Crab broth ramen here it taste like hokkien noodles to me and the Tonkotsu ramen was not as flavourful compared to the other outlets. So have they improved? Let’s find out.

Ordered the Tonkotsu ramen because I still do not have confidence to eat the crab broth ramen here again.

Tonkotsu ramen with flavoured egg.

Somehow I taste that there is a tinge of bonito flavour, maybe they had mixed in a little of their Niboshi soup base in by accident. It seems to have improved compare to my last visit where the Tonkotsu soup base is slightly more bland. 8/10

After the meal, I went to the nearby Tokyu Hands for some window shopping.

It seems that they sell some Japanese toys here too but this Nyanboard is too big to be bring it out daily.

Wants to be a new camera but still thinking which model is better for me. I think I’ll go home and do some more research before making my choice. Need some rest now, cya again