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Periodic Review: Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

Thank god for a cooling day. Had a nice sleep till the late morning. Finally down to the last mark of my Keisuke ramen challenge so I visit the Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo. To be honest, this is also one of the less favourite outlet of their’s in my list. The last time I tried the Crab broth ramen here it taste like hokkien noodles to me and the Tonkotsu ramen was not as flavourful compared to the other outlets. So have they improved? Let’s find out.

Ordered the Tonkotsu ramen because I still do not have confidence to eat the crab broth ramen here again.

Tonkotsu ramen with flavoured egg.

Somehow I taste that there is a tinge of bonito flavour, maybe they had mixed in a little of their Niboshi soup base in by accident. It seems to have improved compare to my last visit where the Tonkotsu soup base is slightly more bland. 8/10

After the meal, I went to the nearby Tokyu Hands for some window shopping.

It seems that they sell some Japanese toys here too but this Nyanboard is too big to be bring it out daily.

Wants to be a new camera but still thinking which model is better for me. I think I’ll go home and do some more research before making my choice. Need some rest now, cya again

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Ikea Shopping and Sushi Express

Yawns, so sleepy as it’s another holiday. Went to IKEA as some of the furnitures and fixtures are of age and needs to be replace so we went there to shop and get some idea what to replace.

Daddy, This bed very nice. Buy for me to sleep?
Buy this cupboard also, I can do some gym workout also

After shopping for a few hours, we got tired and we went for late lunch

Daddy, I hungry already. Can we go find some food?

We had our lunch at Sushi Express at Tampines One as we are quite tired and don’t really want to wait. Eating conveyor sushi means that you can start eating immediately as soon as you enter.

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!
Tako: My friends!! T_T

Tako: Eating my friends again, you devil!

Tako: Don’t try to feed me. I don’t want to eat my friend

Cheap sushi, still passable. Nothing much to expect and rave about since it’s only $1.50 a plate. However there doesn’t seems to be much selection for the date and the sashimi is replenished very slowly. Not exactly happy to eat there, just to fill the stomach.

Time to go home and get the measurements done so that can go buy the fixtures and furnitures next time. Have a good evening and see ya 🙂

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Ramen Keisuke Kani King

With the weekend finally in sight, have you planned you are you going to spend the long weekend? Whether is going aboard for a short vacation, or short staycation or even just rotting around at home. I hope you will enjoy the long weekend. As for me, I’ll be doing what I do all the time, going around town eating all the delicious food.

Today’s menu is ramen again, but compared to the usual pork or chicken broth I’m going to have some crab broth ramen at RAMEN KEISUKE KANI KING. Kani King is the 11th restaurant in Ramen Champion Mr Takeda’s chain.

Not sure how much Mr Takeda pays Ultraman to advertise for him.

Mr Takeda uses specially imported swimming crabs and chicken bones to create the creamy base for Crab Broth Ramen with Rich Soup whereas for Crab Broth Ramen with Clear Soup, it will be a mixture of crabs, special blended herbs and vegetables and subsequently simmered down for hours to retain the distinct seafood flavour in the soup base.

Crab Broth Ramen (rich) with Flavoured Egg $15.90. Tako danboard is impressed.

I ordered the Crab Broth Ramen (rich) with Flavoured egg and I was not disappointed with it. The broth is simply marvelous. All that crab taste after the 1st sip of the broth makes me want to crawl sideways like a crab. The Chashu I had for the day was flavourful with the layer of fats. The noodles here are slightly thicker than the ones in their Tonkotsu or Tori King outlets but you’ll hardly taste the difference. Pair with black fungus, menma (bamboo shoots), it’s really a great combination and at this price it’s a steal. Everyone should at least try it once. My only regret is that maybe I should have ordered the clear soup instead as weather is hot and by the time I finish the bowl, my throat is abit dry.

If you’re in town and got tired of the usual pork or chicken based ramen, why not drop by and try this. Trust me, You won’t regret it.

Now I have my fill, I’m need my beauty sleep. Wake me up when the weekend comes okay? Ciao

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Movie day and 4 Fingers.

Hihi 🤗, It’s another Monday and the dreaded Monday blues. What’s a good way to cheer up and start your engine? A movie of course.

Watched Despicable M3 because my friend wanted to watch only this and Transformers but Transformers only start screen on Thursday. Quite an average movie I would say and would only recommend if you like Minions alot or have kids as it makes a good family movie.

Although movie is quite average, the minions toys from McDonald’s are fun

We went for some coffee after the movie

Cappuccino with love

After rotting the rest of the afternoon away, we went for dinner. As most places is quite crowded we went for 4fingers in Jurong point. It’s my first time trying it although I have been wanting to try it long ago but every time it has long queues in the location I’ve been.

I left the ordering to my friend cause I actually didn’t want to eat there in the first place.

She ordered the 3 drumlet set and offered to share with me. The fries taste good, not too oily and salty. It’s alot better than the ones in those fast food outlets that I’ve been (Apparently I didn’t taste any garlic flavour although my friend tell me it’s garlic flavoured. Not sure if I hear wrongly.) The drumlet is nicely marinated and the sauce is sweet yet balanced. Only complain there is that the drumlet seems over-fried and taste hard rather than crispy. Maybe that’s why this outlet seems like crowded compared to other location.

Overall still passable although I may want to try another time at another outlet to see whether the drumlet is always this hard.

Need to rest now. Be back soon. 🙂

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Periodic Review: Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Seasons.

Good day, How was Father’s Day for you? Did you had some great family time?

Do you still remember how your dad used to piggyback you when you were young?

Like many Singaporeans, I went out for dinner with my family (because it’s a hassle to wash the dishes. I don’t mind cooking though) and of course being a ramen fanatic, I went for ramen again. Visited Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Seasons today. You may ask, what’s so fun about eating the same ramen by the same people all the time? Even though it’s the same ramen and they mostly serve the same menu, the taste of food differs from the person cooking, the environment etc. That’s why even though Putien has so many outlets in Singapore but only 1 in Kitchener Road was awarded  1 star michellin award.

I mostly visit this outlet back then due to the consistency of the food and the environment, it’s slightly bigger than most of their ramen outlets except the one in Parkway Parade.

Tonkotsu Ramen (Winter) The danboards can’t wait to tuck in.

To test the standard of a ramen, always eat their most basic item on the menu. If the base is bad, you can expect the rest won’t be great either.

The ramen doesn’t disappoints, creamy soup and runny ajitama. Paired with black fungus and chashu for a near perfect bowl. One of Keisuke’s ramen main point is that you can choose the texture of your noodles to be hard, normal or soft and also the soup-base to be thick or light.

If you’re coming at night, you may want to avoid 6.30 p.m to 8 p.m as the queue can get abit long.

Ciao, See you another day.

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Periodic Review: Keisuke Tori King

When it’s time for lunch, the stomach will automatically growl for food. Decided to try to visit another Keisuke outlet for lunch today. Wanted to go to Tendon Itsuki for Lunch but I reached there late. (They closed at 2.30p.m for afternoon break) so I decided to go to Tori King instead (They close at 3p.m for afternoon) break. It’s abit of rush since I reach around 2.40p.m( I didn’t want to squeeze with the lunch crowd so I came out quite late)

It’s not the first time I’m here so I’ll skip the interior/exterior photos (You can always ask Google Sensei).

What makes Tori King special it’s one of the few outlet that does not deal with Tonkotsu soup base (except Lobster King and Kani King).

I had this waiter to take order of Tori King Ramen.

Welcome, let please me know when you are ready to order.

As there isn’t much people after the lunch rush. It came fairly quick.

Tori King Ramen, who doesn’t like drumstick? 🙂

That gooey yokey egg always makes me happy and I’m already drooling after seeing the drumstick. No more time for pictures. Gotta tuck in.

The smell of the fried shallots, the chicken base soup and chicken oil is simply irresistible. I used to dislike chicken based ramen until I have tried this and this flavour has not changed although I think the last time I eat this the drumstick meat is more tender. Not really noticeable but I’m just picky.

The tea craving kick in again after lunch so went to Starbucks and grab their limited menu of Matcha Frappucino with Earl Grey Jelly.

Matcha Frappecino with Earl Grey Jelly.

The drink wasn’t so bad but if Starbucks can cut down on the sweetness it would have been better. The Earl Grey Jelly taste like coffee jelly though. Still prefer my cup of Hokkaido Azuki Cream Matcha from yesterday, not to mention it’s cheaper too.

Had my fill, gotta go. Jyaa~