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Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei

Good day, Happy Eid Mubarak to the muslim friends.

Feel like eating some hamburg steak today. Hamburg steak is another dish in Japan which has foreign origin and yet beloved by many. Almost all moms knows how to cook this cause childrens like to eat it. In this restaurant as titled or wish I call Keisuke Hamburg steak,  prime US beef patties is served sizzling on hotplates and they have two choices : Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Set or Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set. 

 Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set
Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set

Definitely recommend ordering the triple cheese prime beef hamburg set, just looking at the cheese oozing out makes me very happy 😀 They have 4 different type of sauce to go with. The Keisuke original sauce (Soy based), Oroshi Ponzu sauce, Demi-glace and Teriyaki Mayonnaise sauce. The patty is very tender and juicy and the aburaage (Fried beancurd) has a slight roasted taste. let it absorb the sauce and juice from the patty and it’ll taste even better. The ebi fry is also very crispy and fresh.

Even though the set is very balanced and delicious, I think the main draw here is the salad corner and egg station, especially the egg station.

The egg station makes me happy like a humpty dumpty

The salad corner has a variety of 20 items spread of osozai (Japanese side dishes), ladies should like it alot but sorry, I’m not a fan of vegetables. The egg station is what attracts me. You can have onsen egg, scrambled eggs, sunny-side up, tamago-yaki and omelette all at the egg station. If the egg you wanted is not on display you can always order it from there. Best of all it’s free-flow. No limits, just happy eating.

Scrambled eggs and tamago-yaki
Omelette on demand.

All that eating is making me sleepy, the blood from the brain is moving to help digestion. If you’re going to eat here, I’ll suggest avoid the weekends or be early. The queue is horribly long.

Good night, see you again soon.