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Periodic Review: Tendon Ginza Itsuki

Hi hi~(^o^)/

People always say Jiak Ba Bo Si Zo (Eat too full nothing better to do). So what do we need to do when we are not full? Go Jiak ba ba of course!.

Of the most filling foodstuffs, rice has got to be the main food for us Asian. There is this saying 没吃到饭好像吃不饱 (Didn’t eat rice like won’t feel full) This shows how important rice is in the food of Asians.

So, we are going to eat some Japanese rice today, specifically Tendon.

Tendon is often regarded as delightful one-bowl soul food meals for many Japanese around the world especially during summer. Ramen. Keisuke is one of the first to bring in affordable and delicious Tendon in Singapore. The restaurant is launched in collaboration with the Ginza Itsuki Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. It is opened since July 2015. I remember it being one of the best Tendon I have ever tasted. Does the taste still hold? Time for a periodic review.

As usual the queue is horribly long all day. You’ll be best to come 11.20 a.m or 5.20p.m before the shop opens to beat the queue or prepare to wait.

Tendon Ginza Itsuki only serves 2 items in it’s menu. The vegetable tendon set or special tendon set. I ordered the special set because I’m not really a big fan of vegetables.

Chawamushi is served by this waiter.

They’ll serve the Chawamushi first, quite the standard stuff with bits of seaweed on top, 1 mushroom slice, a bit of chicken and shrimp and gingko inside. It doesn’t takes more than 1 minute to finish this.


Special Tendon.

I’m quite disappointed when I see this. Just look at the prawn and all the sauce. The way the prawn bends already tells me that this is oily and soggy. True enough, only the vegetable is still slightly crunchy (In the past it’s definitely better). The rest is a soggy mess. There’s supposed to be a deep-fried poached egg inside but I accidentally poked it. Well, at least there’s still miso soup to get rid of the oily taste. It’s still quite a value for money meal considering the amount of serving and ingredients but the standard have definitely dropped alot. I won’t queue that long just to eat this though but if you are hungry and there’s no queue. Why not?

Now I’ve eaten. It’s really jiak ba bo si zo time. Got to take my beauty nap. Bye~


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